How to switch between tabs in MobaXterm terminal tool

MobaXterm provides keyboard shortcuts to switch tabs. This is an option provided in the tool for switching between tabs.

MobaXterm persistent home directory not working, How to fix it?

If you are looking for storing your configurations and run time files across your sessions, or make files available even after your computer restarts, you need to set the persistent home directory settings in MobaXterm. Let me explain how to set it

Bash script check if file exists on remote server

Here is an example of a check if a file exists on the remote server and takes action locally, inside a shell script.

Linux how to check the OS is 32bit or 64bit

The command lscpu displays information about the CPU architecture including 32bit or 64bit and other details

How to check the memory size of a folder in Linux

To check the size of a folder (or it is called directory in Linux) in the Linux command line, the du command can be used

Bash or Shell script suppress error output

So, you are looking for only the outputs without error messages?

bash conditional test if file exists with example using if then else

you want to check if a file exists and perform an action based on that

How to remote login using ssh, execute command and exit

If you want to execute a single command remotely and show the result on-screen and exit, this is a useful snippet

How to check my public IP from Linux command line

You have to connect to an external provider who can look at your publicly exposed IP and print it on screen. This is required when you work with cloud services such as AWS, Azure or Google cloud and you want to verify your public IP for a number of reasons

ssh use custom public key, Creating and using custom RSA key with an example

I am using MobaXterm to give you an example of using ssh with a custom public key