How to get current Unix timestamp or epoch time from a Linux command line

Linux date command is a very powerful utility to get or set system time in various ways. Let us check, how to get Unix timestamp from a Linux /Ubuntu terminal.

How to create local repository using git bash

The command to create a local repository is git init or git init your-repo

MobaXterm remote desktop (RDP). How to connect to a Windows Desktop or server

MobaXterm can well handle a Windows Remote Desktop (RDP) as well just like MSTSC

How to save terminal output on MobaXterm screen without selecting manually

Selecting the terminal screen logs can be a tedious and could be dangerous task if you are in a critical server environment.

mobaxterm paste keyboard shortcut key combination

To paste something in your clipboard to Mobaxterm terminal, the keyboard short cut is,

Solution for git bash tree command not found

Here is a quick solution for git-bash tree command error, with alternate and inbuilt features of gitbash.

How to change default window size in git bash

I will explain how to set the default git-bash windows size. Once this is set, every time when you open a new GitBash window, the window size will be set to this

Right-click paste not working in git bash

If you are looking for enabling the paste action using mouse right-click in GitBash, here are the steps.

How to install Apache PHP7 and MySQL on Amazon EC2 instance?

I am explaining how to install the LAMP(Linux Apache PHP and MySQL) stack on an Amazon EC2 instance. This is useful for setting up LAMP-based applications, such as running a WordPress website.

tree command alternative in Linux or docker containers

There are situations, you want to keep the number of packages to the minimum, such as a docker container. There you can use inbuilt Linux commands instead of tree.