How to configure local terminal .bashrc in MobaXterm?

.bashrc is a shell file placed in the user home directory, and sourced while you start an interactive shell in Linux terminals, such as local MobaXterm or in Cygwin. This file can be edited or created to customize bash behavior, for example, define ENV settings, aliases, functions, call scripts, etc.

How to list files in one column Linux ls command?

Let us see how list files and directories in a single column, use ls -1 (ls hyphen one)

How to remote login using ssh, execute command and exit

If you want to execute a single command remotely and show the result on-screen and exit, this is a useful snippet

Linux print date. Command to print the current date and time

Linux/Unix systems can print the current date and time using date command, Let us explore all options to print the current date and time in UTC and for a particular time zone.

Linux command jump to end of line or the beginning of line(Keyboard shortcuts)

In a bash prompt or command line, moving to begin or end of the line is often a time-consuming task especially when there are a lot of characters typed in. Bash provides keyboard shortcut keys to obtain this easily. Let us explore

How to get Yesterday Tomorrow Previous Next day date and time using date cmd in bash

Let us start with printing the current date and time, using the date command without any parameters.

rsync practical examples using Mobaxterm bash terminal

MobaXterm is a wonderful tool for every DevOps engineer. Today let us explore the rsync command with mobaxterm bash terminal to copy or sync files between

The best password manager free download for Windows 10 users Open source.

I have been using KeePass for my personal use and at the workplace for several years. Simply using the portable version of KeePass inside a DropBox / Google Drive helps me to keep it up to date across several devices.

How to change hostname in Centos 8 or Redhat Linux 8?

A hostname is a name or network identity of devices connected to the computer network. There are two commands available for getting the hostname of a server or a Linux machine

How to enable password authentication in AWS EC2 Linux instance CentOS/RHEL

Default Linux/CentOS EC2 AMI comes with Password authentication disabled for obvious security reasons. To enable this, follow the below-given steps.